Made in Mallorca


Palma 2019

Collective exhibition at Aba Art Gallery Palma



Angle lamp in brass, among other objects of the collective.

Angle lamp in brass, among other objects of the collective.


Palma 2019

Made in Mallorca TALKS

Cycle of conferences and round table where craftsmanship, design and local industry were discussed.



TEDA Arquitectos
SMS Arquitectos
More Design



Tomás Alonso
Max Enrich
Diego Ramos
Marta Armengol



londres 2018

London Design Fair 2018


Made in Mallorca is formed of 11 companies from the Balearic Islands, makers that bring stories of passion from the world of industry, handicrafts and creativity. The space is curated and designed to showcase selected products from each participant as part of a collective exhibition that encapsulates the sense of design of the island. The stand, with designers and companies, has products such as tiles and pieces of cement, handcrafted textiles, ceramics, glass, lighting and furniture that capture the essence of the interior and exterior design sector in Majorca.

The initiative is organised by the companies, together with the Balearic Government’s Ministry for Work, Trade and Industry, and with the collaboration of the Majorca Chamber of Commerce.


This marketing activity forms part of a larger project called CURATISLANDS (the islands design and production curation project), that consists in the selection of products to showcase and highlight the value of Balearic creations resulting from the combination of tradition, craftsmanship, design and differentiation, drawing on the “Made in” concept , especially in the interior and exterior design and fashion sector. CURATISLANDS seeks to give greater prominence to the work carried out by designers, producers and craftspersons with a local connection and, in some cases, with international exposure, in order to create community, strengthen ties between companies and enhance their production.