Edicions De Disseny La Pecera Mallorca

Ediciones de Diseño La Pecera Mallorca is a small company selling design furniture, decorative arts and accessories and was founded by the industrial and interior designer Marlene Albaladejo, who trained at the Escuela Eina in Barcelona and the Scuola Politecnica in Milan.

Right from the start, Ediciones de Diseño LPM has designed contemporary pieces inspired by traditional objects of daily use, and produced them in a way that is 100% handcrafted, artisan, local and sustainable. For this, it collaborates with a team of master craftspersons who are experts in working with different materials: wood, bulrushes, brass, leather, textiles, and others. This signifies absolute respect for the manufacturing times and assuming the production costs as defined by the craftspersons themselves. And this is why the company champions the Handcrafted in Mallorca and Handmade in Mallorca movement.

The interior design projects carried out retain the same spirit, defending everything local, and for this they design special, bespoke furniture and objects that are also manufactured on the islands.

Their designs have appeared in specialist magazines, such as AD Spain and others, and the store, located in the centre of Palma, was selected and featured in the Wallpaper Guide.