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La Nova Pagesa

The review by Edicions De Disseny LPM of crafts and local tradition is not limited to pieces of furniture. So, we have also imagined what would be the clothing of the contemporary Majorcan woman, closely linked to the countryside and the sea around the island, hence the name of “La Nova Pagesa”.


The link between Marlene Albaladejo and the fashion world has a long history of designing shoes and accessories for the Majorcan brands Yanko and Carmina Shoemaker.


Miramar Basket



The Formentor Hat, the Miramar Basket, the George Sand espadrilles, the Estel skirt and the Ivori shirt, are some of the many examples of clothing and accessories that we produce by hand with fabrics and other natural and local materials.

Formentor Hat

Gran Sud Espadrilles